Ashby Badminton Club has had a Junior section for in excess of 10 years. We have successfully encouraged our junior members and several are now part of the main club, most of whom, are playing to a good league standard and are regular members of the league teams.

Our Aims:

  • To encourage young people to take up Badminton as a sport.
  • To provide the basic foundations to enable the players to have a long and enjoyable lifetime playing the sport of Badminton.
  • To bring out the best in our attendees and enable them to achieve their full potential.
  • To promote good standards of play and etiquette on (and off) court.
  • To introduce the players to competitive play.
  • To prepare the players for integration within the senior club.

We have Badminton England qualified approved Level 2 and Level 1 coaches as well as other members who are currently acting as assistant coaches whilst working towards achieving their level 1 qualification.

We are a Badminton England Clubmark accredited club which guarantees that all members who come into contact with our juniors have a current CRB certificate issued through Badminton England.
We also have a Child Welfare Officer approved and CRB certified by Badminton England.

Fees (2015/16 season)
We currently charge per school term, payable in advance or on the first night.
This is calculated at a rate of £1.50 per evening (for example the Autumn term will be 16 nights @ £1.50 = £24.00).
Once paid, these unfortunately are not refundable.

We are currently at capacity (20 members playing on 4 courts) and have a short waiting list.
This alters from term to term so please feel free to contact us (see below) to find out the current situation.

Contact Details
Please contact us at: